“An eye-opening experience.”

I started the 52 day program but I didn’t really think I would see the results I have at the finish line.

Jessica was positive from the beginning. She always had a pro for my con…an answer for any question I had. She helped me change my way of thinking and eating food to a way I could live with daily. This has been a eye opening experience and 16 pounds later…this is a program I will stick to.

52 day program survivor

— D.M.

“I have lost 30 pounds!”

Dear Jessica,
I am writing this letter in great appreciation of your helping me attain my goals of losing weight, exercising daily and a healthy lifestyle. 

Over the 61 years of my life I have tried many things to attain my goals. All have not worked. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which has made it harder for me to loose weight. Your knowledge of medical nutrition has helped me tremendously. 

You have worked with me over the past year and I have lost 30 pounds. You encouraged me to join a fitness center not only for my health but new friendships too. You have been encouraging every step of the way. I feel like you are beside me every step. 

I have done two rounds of the Best Body in 52 with you and will continue with this for my new lifestyle. 

You are an honest and knowledgeable person who has true compassion to help me and others with our goals. 


- J.K.


Jessica, I want to thank you for your help and support in my journey to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss.  You were there when I needed accountability and very helpful and knowledgeable with suggestions, recipes, and positive support.  I enjoyed working with you and learning from you.  I will be checking in with you for the positive reinforcement and keeping me in a good place.  - J.M.